Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Need aircon chemical overhaul service at highly affordable prices? Chat with us now.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Need aircon chemical overhaul service at highly affordable prices? Chat with us now.

Indispensability Of Air-Conditioning

Singapore, the Lion City, has roared her way to become the Jewel of Asia with her excellent infrastructure, cultural diversity, endless shopping, multi-ethnic food choices, luxury hotels and more. However, the lion is not the only creature roaring in this highly urbanised city-state – the unbearable heat roars and strikes Singaporeans on a daily basis too. Singaporeans “enjoy” an entire year of summer, making the air conditioner an essential part of every household, shopping mall and office.

Inefficiency Of The Air Conditioner

Even the best athlete needs to have his energy replenished from time to time, the same theory applies to air-conditioners. Without ample and proper care, our air conditioner will malfunction, resulting in the need for faulty part replacements, warm air, water leakage or even shortened life span of the air con unit.

There are many ways to ensure that day in day out, our air-conditioner continues to operate at peak performance. One of the best ways is to conduct a chemical overhaul for your aircon. Sounds fancy, isn’t it ? It basically means an overall cleaning of your air conditioning system. This service can also be tailored for air-conditioners that have not being used or cleaned over a long period of time.

General Aircon Cleaning Vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul

What differentiates a regular aircon cleaning service and an aircon chemical overhaul? Well, the latter includes dismantling, detailed inspection and checking of the unit to identify malfunctioning parts. It goes beyond regular cleaning boundaries as it uses chemical agents throughout the washing process.

Parts such as the filters, evaporator coils and fan coils are cleansed with chemicals to make sure the air produced is fresh and clean. Cleaning of the filters are especially important as dirty filters tend to breed allergens, mould, bacteria and germs which may cause serious health issues to your family or employees. Corroded and rusty components have to be replaced. The fan blades, drain pan, blower wheel and water pipes must be cleaned with special chemicals and flushed thoroughly as dust and grime buildup can hinder the performance of the aircon unit.

Ever wondered why some air-conditioners produce irritating noises that disrupt your sleep? It might be caused by ungreased fan bearings or damaged bearings that require replacement. This service takes care of your noisy aircon as every part will be thoroughly checked, from inside to the outside.

Aircon chemical overhaul also tackles the problem of aircon leaking water due to a flawed drainage system – by clearing all blockages in the drainage system. Dust and dirt may have accumulated in the vents due to prolonged usage, thus affecting the flow of air. Sometimes you may detect a foul smell emanating from your aircon.  This is caused by fungus, mould or mildew in the fan coil. A chemical overhaul helps to clear away the unwanted particles, microbes and other pollutants, ensuring that the air produced is now clean and smells fresh, and does not cause breathing problems such as asthma.

Aircon Contractors At Your Service

You may think that a chemical overhaul is unnecessary, but prevention is better than cure. You may be amazed that statistics show that such a service can help you save more money in the long run. This is because conducting a periodic chemical overhaul actually prolongs the aircon’s lifespan and you save on the premature replacement of costly components.

HandymanXpert is here to save you from all your air-con hassles as we provide top quality, professional and most importantly, economically-priced aircon services to all our clients. From minor servicing to major cleanups, from troubleshooting to installation works, let our crew of experienced aircon experts tackle them all for you.

Commercial or residential? One time ad hoc deep cleaning or regular contract cleaning? Fret not, for we do them all. Wait no more, contact us for Singapore’s best aircon services now!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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