Aircon Chemical Wash

Want to clear your aircon professionally of all that dirt, dust, bacteria and mould? Chat with us now.


Aircon Chemical Wash

Want to clear your aircon professionally of all that dirt, dust, bacteria and mould? Chat with us now.


In Singapore’s hot and humid climate, we are well aware of the importance of air conditioning – be it at home or at our work place. Temperatures can sometimes hit up to a searing 36°C especially during the hottest months of April and May.

Let’s imagine you are walking to your office under the scorching sun. Along the way, you are perspiring furiously and yearning for some cold air from your aircon. You arrived, switched on the aircon, but 10 minutes later you find yourself still perspiring and totally cannot concentrate on your work. You check your aircon temperature, it shows 18°C but it feels like 30°C! You wonder what is wrong with the aircon. Yes, something is wrong – it is warning you that it needs a thorough washing NOW.

Why Does Aircon Chemical Wash Matter?

Just like any other electrical appliances, the maintenance of your air conditioner cannot be overlooked. Your aircon will not produce cold air if its evaporator coils, condenser and filters are dirty. The airflow is blocked by the dirt and dust buildup so it takes longer to cool down the area. And the longer it takes to achieve the preset temperature, the more electricity it consumes, hence resulting in the increase in your electricity bill.

Other than that, aircon chemical wash is recommended if the aircon is leaking – usually as a result of all the accumulated dirt and grime which clog up the drainage pipe. When there is a foul smell coming from the aircon because of the harmful mould, mildew, bacteria and microbes growing in the fan-coil, flush them out with strong chemicals.

After an excellent chemical wash, you will immediately feel the difference – the air smells cleaner and fresher, no more unpleasant smell, and happily, your next electricity bill is much lower. So now you understand the importance of aircon chemical wash?

How To Conduct Aircon Chemical Wash?

The first thing you can consider is to call a trustworthy company that offers aircon services and a professional aircon technician will be despatched to your place.

First, he dismantles the aircon unit into parts – filters, evaporator coils and condenser. Next, he cleans the drainage tray, front panel and cover using clean water. The aircon filters are cleaned and deodorised.

The inner parts of the aircon unit, such as the evaporator coils and condenser, are washed with chemicals and flushed with clean water until all the dirt and bacteria are cleared. After wiping dry the separate parts, the handyman will professionally assemble all the parts back into your aircon unit.

Before leaving, a final check is carried out by switching on the aircon and making sure that everything is in proper order. Sounds like a hassle right? That is why you need an aircon specialist for the task.

Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Now you understand what is aircon chemical wash, but have you heard of aircon chemical overhaul? The former cleans your aircon, the latter not only cleans, but includes a thorough inspection for any signs of malfunction or potential breakdown.

Aircon chemical overhaul is a preventative service for your aircon. Besides using chemicals to eradicate the dust, grime, mould, mildew and harmful bacteria severely congesting your aircon, this service also includes checking if any corroded or worn out parts need replacement or repair. This comprehensive service greatly reduces the probability of common aircon problems like aircon leaking, aircon not cold, aircon making funny noises, smelly aircon, etc. Not only do you save on future aircon repairs, you actually prolongs the life span of your air conditioner and reduces your SP Services bills!

Engage Us Now To Restore Your Aircon’s Functions

Regular aircon servicing is essential in maintaining your aircon’s performance. It is advisable to engage a trained competent aircon technician to carry out quarterly aircon chemical wash or periodic aircon chemical overhaul before your aircon breaks down completely. By then, you may need to shell out a big sum of money to install a brand new aircon unit.

HandymanXpert’s aircon service team is here to serve you and assist you in handling all your aircon issues. We provide top quality, professional and experienced aircon doctors with the right skill-set and tools to save you all the hassle with our efficient service. What’s more? Our rates are wallet-friendly, so call us today and say goodbye to all your aircon problems!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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