Aircon Installation Services

Need top quality aircon installation services at highly affordable prices? Chat with us now.

Aircon Installation Services

Need top quality aircon installation services at highly affordable prices? Chat with us now.

Everyone appreciates the comfort of being in an air-conditioned room on any sunny day in Singapore. It is easy to conveniently hit the “ON” button of the aircon controller whenever we wish for nice chilled air.

To install an air conditioning unit, on the other hand, is a different story. Whether you are buying a new house or renovating your bedroom, prior to creating comfort in that space, selecting a suitable air-con is important.

Choosing A Suitable Air Conditioner

These machines come in a variety of sizes, and they must be chosen carefully by considering these criteria: the volume of the room, the location of windows, roof and walls, and the function of the room. Choosing the right model of air conditioner will ensure optimum air conditioning performance for your house.

Many people make the mistake of miscalculating the right size of AC system for their room. It is important to note that a bigger AC system doesn’t necessary raise its efficiency because it will only end up spiking your electric bill. A smaller AC system will not do either because it is just not powerful enough to cool down the room.

Behind that compact machine are ducts and wires connecting through walls to the outdoor fan. These components make the air-con installation process very complicated for the laymen.

Some Factors To Consider When Installing An Aircon

The things that must be taken into consideration before drilling a permanent hole into your wall are: whether or not your wall is strong enough the hold the aircon? Is the aluminium bracket tilted at an angle that enables unrestricted flow of condensed water from the drain pipe? And is there sufficient distance between the indoor unit and outdoor unit?

If the installation is not done properly by an experienced aircon contractor, it may result in improper airflow, leaking pipes or blockages within the aircon system. This means that there is less air getting through your air con, thus resulting in higher energy consumption and bigger damages to your air con unit.

Why Engage HandymanXpert?

At HandymanXpert, our expert technicians offer top quality air con installation services at highly affordable prices. Besides helping you to choose the system most appropriate for your needs and suitable for the layout of your home, our reliable specialist will take the initiative to explain to you all aspects of the job.

This includes drilling holes through your walls for new wiring, duct run, or coolant lines. We will also inspect if other systems might be affected, or if any circuit breakers will need to be switched off during the installation process.

Be sure to contact our company online at our website, email us directly, WhatsApp or dial 8463 7671 to arrange an appointment with us.

Getting a brand new aircon keeps your home comfortable at best, but only if it’s been properly installed. So get yours done by our aircon professionals now!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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