Aircon Leaking

Need help to check why your aircon is leaking water and stop the leak at source? Chat with us now.


Aircon Leaking

Need help to check why your aircon is leaking water and stop the leak at source? Chat with us now.


In the middle of the night when you were supposed to be sleeping soundly, the disturbing sound of water dripping woke you up. It sounds so familiar that even in the darkness you knew right away – it is your air conditioner leaking water. Again.

What Caused The Aircon To Leak?

There are many reasons your aircon may leak – some can be easily fixed by yourself, but others would require a skilled aircon expert. Water leaking from the aircon can damage your walls, floorings, ceiling, and if unlucky, your furniture as well. So let’s find out the probable reasons behind your aircon leak.

1) Clogged condensate drain
This happens when the condensate drain is clogged with accumulated dust, dirt, mold, algae and other debris. To stop the leaking, you will need to clear them.

2) Dirty air filter
Most aircon users do not know that dirty air filters not only cause the aircon to emit bad odours and fail to cool down properly, but they may also lead to aircon leakages. Why? Because dirty air filters restrict the airflow through the evaporator coil. As a result, the coil gets frozen over time, and when the ice melts, excess water drips onto the condensate pan and cause it to overflow, thus resulting in water leakage.

3) Damaged pump
Water collected in the condensate drain will be pumped by the condensate pump to the outside, so if the pump is broken, it can be a big problem because water is not being pumped out anymore. So where does the water flow? It backs up to your aircon and your aircon starts leaking.

4) Rusted/damaged drain pan
Since the air conditioner is quite a costly appliance in the house, many of us will not replace it every few years, unless it has broken down completely or has become irreparable. With each passing year, your drain pan starts to get more rusty, then eventually it disintegrates due to the rust and water just drips right through it.

5) Low refrigerant
The aircon is incapable of producing cold air if it has insufficient refrigerant (gas). Not enough gas may also cause ice to accumulate in the evaporator, hence freezing it. When the ice on the evaporator coils melts, excess water will overflow from the drain pan.

6) Cold temperature
Similar to the dirty air filter and low refrigerant problems, the evaporator coil will also ice up if the temperature outside is too cold, hence leading to leaking when the ice on the coils melts. But this situation will only occur when the room temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which hardly happens in a tropical country like Singapore.

7) Improper installation
Aircon installation has to be done professionally. However, not everyone can be an expert in it. So if the installation had been carried out in a hasty manner, particularly when the pump is not bound perfectly, high pressure inside the pump will lead to leaking.

Common Solutions To A Leaking Aircon

First, turn off your aircon, then check every part of it including your filter, drain pan, evaporator coil and lastly, your pump.

Second, if the air filter is filthy, wash it thoroughly. Next, if you find the drain pan is full of water, empty and dry it. How about if it is broken? Easy, replace it with a new one.

Okay, then what should you do if you have a frozen evaporator coil? In this case, switch on the aircon but shift it to fan mode so that the warm air can speed up the melting process, and be ready with a container to catch the excessive dripping water.

But what if the pump is broken? Hmm, this is the worst case scenario. But don’t ever try to repair it yourself, quickly call a trustworthy aircon repair company to help you fix it.

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