Aircon Maintenance Services

Want to prolong your aircon’s lifespan with proper maintenance by specialists? Chat with us now.

Aircon Maintenance Services

Want to prolong your aircon’s lifespan with proper maintenance by specialists? Chat with us now.

The air-conditioner is in all likelihood, humanity’s symbolic last defence against the scorching hot weather in Singapore.
Imagine coming home from a hectic day at work and it is flaming 37 °C outside. Sweaty arm pits, soaking wet shirt, and just as you’re reaching to tap that little button on your aircon controller, eagerly anticipating cool air to blast through your hair….then nothing happens.

Cringe worthy, no?

Or is your AC leaking water again? Recurring technical issues? Aircon not cold?

Proper Care For Your Aircon Prolongs Its Lifespan

With quality and frequent servicing, your AC units will experience better efficiency in performance. Proper cleaning also gets rid of the accumulated harmful bacteria, dirt, fungus, spores, and allergen-causing dust in the air that are especially harmful to our elders and young ones.

The air-con acts an indoor air filter aside from keeping the temperature cool, comfortable and suitable for productive living. In cases where these machines have been neglected or poorly maintained, they tend to break down more frequently, and more often than not, would need to be replaced over time.

Therefore it is important to care for your AC units. By focusing on quality when servicing each and every part of the air-con unit ─ which consists of the condenser, evaporator, compressor, blower and fan coil ─ these parts would survive longer against wear and tear. You actually save on repair and/or installation costs when your aircon system lasts longer!

Getting a qualified technician to check and maintain your air-con system properly and regularly will ensure that your AC unit operates smoothly. Checking the gas pressure, topping up the gas, chemical washing, chemical overhaul – these are all part and parcel of aircon maintenance.

Choosing A Reliable And Trusted Aircon Contractor

As a company that operates on offering top-notch professional air con services such as aircon maintenance, repairs, installation, general troubleshooting and a host of other aircon related solutions, HandymanXpert also aims to provide the best customer service.

Our team of experienced professionals are trained to handle both commercial and residential aircon services, whether one-time or contract servicing of the various brands of air conditioners (Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, etc).

The price of clean cool air is now more affordable than ever because our help comes at a reasonable cost for the benefit of all clients in Singapore as well as the environment, since we only commission the use of non-harmful chemicals that will not compromise the environment.

To ensure a hassle free transition, we work constantly to improve both corporate and technical aspects of management through customer feedback, trust and high quality workmanship. Clients are also given access to online and offline customer support which is available anytime of the year, not to mention regular follow-ups from our customer service team.

So if you have an air conditioning unit at home, do not neglect it because nothing is more valuable than a happy HEALTHY family. Get a free aircon maintenance quotation from us. Call us or email us today!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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