Aircon Not Cold

Need professional help to check why your aircon is not cold? Chat with us now.


Aircon Not Cold

Need professional help to check why your aircon is not cold? Chat with us now.


The haze is back. Singapore is again shrouded in smog as the haze from Indonesian forest fires blanket our skies. Poor air quality coupled with the hot sun force most people to stay indoors, especially the young, the elderly and the unwell.

There is only one thing on everyone’s mind – a comfortable indoor area with some cool fresh air. Some seek refuge in air conditioned shopping malls, others will stay longer in their office.

Imagine yourself lazing on your sofa in your air conditioned living room, watching TV while chit-chatting with your family. But somehow you are perspiring even though you have just showered. You wish to open all the windows but the smoky air is intolerable.

Rather than just complaining about your aircon, why don’t you find out why the aircon is not cold and fix it accordingly? Let’s take a look at some of the factors.

Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold?

1) Clogged air filter
A clean filter can provide you with both clean and cooling wind. With each passing day, the dust, dirt, mold, mildew and bacteria will accumulate in your filter and eventually block the air-flow if it is not washed regularly. As a result, your aircon would not cool properly even after you have adjusted the temperature to 18 degree celsius.

2) Low refrigerant level (Gas not enough)
Insufficient refrigerant can cause compressor failure, frozen evaporator coil, and lower the efficiency of the air conditioner. Low refrigerant levels can be a result of refrigerant leaking somewhere, and such leakages increase in severity over time. If your aircon often has insufficient gas, you will also notice a spike in your electricity bill. If this happens, quickly contact a credible aircon specialist to conduct a thorough check on your aircon system and to fix the leak.

3) Dirty coil
A dirty coil could be the culprit behind your aircon’s warm air. The condenser coil must always stay clean to dissipate the heat. A dirty coil makes it difficult to cool down the room.

4) Defective compressor
A faulty compressor will directly inhibit the aircon’s ability to cool because the compressor is the core of our air conditioner. The compressor serves to compress the refrigerant and circulate the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coil. So if it is damaged, your aircon will no longer be able to produce chill air like before.

5) Duct system damaged
The ductwork of the aircon must always be sealed properly as it consists of the channels of the ventilation system. Once the seal is broken, it will affect the air pressure and cause many problems such as warm air, an increase in utility bills and lower air quality as dust entering the ductwork will enter your room as well if there is a leak. If this is the case, call in the aircon professional to restore your ventilation system to a leak-free state.

6) Undersized aircon unit
Logically speaking, a big aircon unit produces cooler air and quickens the cooling process and vice-versa. Thus an undersized aircon for a big room will take a longer time to cool down the room. So in order to avoid such a situation, do choose the size of your air conditioner prudently before you make any purchase.

What Should You Do?

We believe many aircon users can clean the dirty filters themselves. However, when it comes to a dirty coil, low refrigerant level, faulty compressor or damaged ductwork, the problem is far more challenging and will require the appropriate skills and tools to fix it. Moreover if not done properly, the problem may worsen or the situation may turn dangerous. For example, exposure to toxic refrigerant will lead to poisoning and even death.

Therefore, it is wise to leave these aircon problems to an aircon expert. All you need to do is to sit back and relax, as the aircon specialist solves all your aircon issues in a professional and efficient manner.

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