Aircon Repair Services

Need to fix your aircon compressor, detect gas leakage, or replace faulty parts? Chat with us now.

Aircon Repair Services

Need to fix your aircon compressor, detect gas leakage, or replace faulty parts? Chat with us now.

The air conditioner or aircon has become an indispensable electrical appliance in our homes and offices. Like any other machine, it needs regular service or maintenance to keep it running in tip-top condition. When standard service intervals are ignored, some parts may start to wear or break down. When it comes to this point, repair is inevitable. Components may need to be fixed or in worse case scenarios, the entire unit needs to be replaced.

Five Signs That Your Aircon Unit Needs Repair

1. If your aircon does not work at all – check to see if the unit is receiving any power. Maybe the main switch has tripped or the fuse is blown. In any case always remember safety first and please call the aircon professionals if in doubt.

2. If your air conditioning is not producing cool air:

  • Check to see if your remote temperature is set to cool. If the sensor in the aircon detects that the room temperature is already cooler than the set temperature, it will not trigger the compressor to run.
  • Check to see if the outdoor unit is running. If the unit is making its usual “humming” noise then the compressor is still functioning. If it is not, it is likely that the compressor is not getting power or has broken down. It is also possible that the compressor contactor needs to be replaced.
  • If the compressor is functioning but the fan is not spinning, it is likely that the capacitor has blown out. The capacitor’s function is to jumpstart the fan. If the fan does not run, heat can’t be removed from the outdoor condenser. The technician will likely replace the capacitor to fix this problem.

3. Your aircon is short cycling – short cycling means that your aircon automatically turns on and off too often. This may be due to multiple factors like:

  • Oversized system. If your room enclosure has gotten smaller or your aircon is too powerful for your room, it may cause your aircon to turn on and off constantly, putting strain on it. This will also cause big temperature swings in your room.
  • Clogged air filter may cause restricted airflow. Your aircon may overheat and shut down before the cooling cycle is completed. General cleaning may resolve this issue but in worse cases, a chemical wash may be required.
  • Control board issue. If the electrical control board is malfunctioning your aircon may not turn on and off correctly.

4. Your aircon is making strange noises – even if the air is as cool as it used to be, once your aircon starts sounding weird, it may require servicing. Bearings could have worn out or need greasing. It is important to get it serviced soon before anything breaks down.

5. There is ice build up in your aircon unit – ice build up can be due to low refrigerant, dirty filter or malfunctioning fan. Icing or frosting will restrict airflow and cause other problems down the road.

Some Common Aircon Repairs Include

  • Refrigerant leak detection, repair and top up
  • Circuit board replacement
  • Capacitor or contactor replacement
  • Compressor replacement (one of the most costly repairs)
  • Evaporator coil replacement
  • Fan motor replacement

Some repairs may cost a bomb therefore it is important to consult a trusted aircon service provider. Experience and reliability are very important when it comes to aircon repairs.

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If you have an aircon that requires fixing, contact us immediately and let our aircon experts check it out. You will want a team of specialists that is able to diagnose the problem correctly to save you precious time.

Regardless of the aircon brand, age and type, let us assess the condition and suggest the best cost-effective solution for you. Our company provides a multitude of services related to aircon servicing, maintenance, installation and repair in Singapore. Let us offer you top quality services at prices that will make you smile.

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