Aircon Services

Want to give your air conditioner the professional treatment with our high quality aircon services? Chat with us now.



Aircon Services

Want to give your air conditioner the professional treatment with our high quality aircon services? Chat with us now.


Global temperatures are reaching record highs every year. Singapore is geographically situated slightly north of the equator so it feels warm and wet all year round due to the tropical rainforest climate. To make matters worse, cyclical weather patterns like El Nino and La Nina sometimes bring months of intense heat or continuous rain. We often seek comfort in our homes or offices and there is but one important appliance that we turn to – the air conditioner or air con to cool us down.

The aircon, just like any other electric appliance, needs consistent servicing and maintenance for it to be effective and efficient in cooling and dehumidifying the air in our space. Besides, the air quality it produces for our home and office depends on the system functioning in tip top condition.

Common Aircon Services

General Servicing – General servicing involves the removal of dust and inspection of the aircon components by the trained technician. This includes the proper cleaning of air filter, cover, front panel, indoor evaporator coil, drainage tray and pipe. Also, cleaning of the outdoor units like the fan blower and condenser coil may be necessary. The service provider will also check and tighten electrical contact points, measure gas pressure and assess the overall condition of your aircon unit.

Gas Top Up – The gas or liquid is used to transfer the heat from the air inside of a home to the outside air. The performance of aircon unit may be affected if there is insufficient gas. However do be aware that there is no need to top up the gas regularly unless there is a leakage in your aircon system. It is important to consult professional and ethical aircon contractors.

Chemical Wash Or Chemical Cleaning – If general cleaning does not help or the aircon is extremely dirty, a chemical wash may be necessary to flush out all the dirt and blockages. It involves dismantling parts of the aircon unit for thorough cleansing with appropriate chemicals.

Problem Troubleshooting – Common issues may include noisy air conditioners, aircon air not cold, unit does not turn on or makes funny noises, water leakage, bad odour from aircon and ice accumulation (icing). With frequent use, some components may have stopped working, need repair or require normal servicing.

Aircon Installation – Air conditioning units may need to be moved from one location to another. Or you need a new aircon to replace your irreparable faulty unit. Or in some cases, it may be cheaper to get a quote for installation from an aircon services company than the shop that sells all types of air conditioner.

Benefits Of Regular Aircon Servicing

You should take into consideration that your electric aircon is probably one of the biggest contributor to your electricity bill. As dirt and dust build up in the evaporator coils, more power is needed to move and cool the air efficiently. Therefore the regular servicing and proper maintenance of your air-conditioner not only increases its efficiency, it also reduces the probability of breakdowns and prolongs the life span of your unit.

Besides cooling the room, the aircon also filters and dehumidifies the air. As such, regular servicing ensures your aircon is always producing clean air for the health and safety of your family at home and staff in your office.

Let HandymanXpert Solve All Your Aircon Problems

Do not wait until the next heat wave or drought hit our shores. Severe air pollution and haze has become a yearly affair and is something out of our control. Ensure that all your aircon units are always in great working condition.

Save your time and avoid the hassle – let our team of experienced aircon specialists take care of all your aircon problems. With their many years of experience and reliable service, be assured that you are in good hands. We provide our clients the best cost-effective solutions for all your aircon needs – residential, commercial or industrial. We offer regular contract cleaning and one time ad-hoc service for various aircon brands at highly competitive rates.

Nothing feels better than walking into a cold and comfortable room after being out in this hot humid weather. Call us now for a free quotation!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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