Aircon Troubleshooting Services

Need professional help to diagnose your aircon problems? Chat with us now.

Aircon Troubleshooting Services

Need professional help to diagnose your aircon problems? Chat with us now.

We believe the air conditioner has evolved from a highly desired luxury item to something that is necessary in our everyday lives. A tropical country like Singapore needs the comfort that air conditioners provide – fresh, cool air to battle the hot humid weather outside.

If not properly maintained with regular cleaning or servicing, a frequently used aircon unit would inevitably experience various malfunctions in its lifespan.

How To Identify Common Aircon Problems

Have you ever experienced an aircon which is running, but doesn’t seem to cool down your room appropriately, leaving you feeling hot, confused and frustrated? You may need to schedule a general cleaning or a chemical wash for your dirty aircon. Sometimes, an aircon which is not cold may also be due to not enough refrigerant, so your aircon technician would recommend a gas top up.

You may have also noticed awful odours coming from the aircon in your favourite retail outlet when you were shopping there last week. The interior of their air conditioners may be breeding mould, bacteria or germs. It is a good idea to stay away until they do something to their dirty air filters, especially if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

How about that noisy aircon in your friend’s house? His aircon probably has a defective blower or damaged bearings.

Water leaking from the main aircon in your living room? Blocked air filters and low refrigerant levels would lead to frozen evaporator coils, which then cause water leakage and ice forming inside the aircon.

Aircon Troubleshooting By Professionals

Stressed out? Well, fret no more because here are some ways your aircon problems can be resolved.

Thermostat Sensor – It functions by measuring the temperature of the air blown by the unit. Electronic devices are not 100 percent perfect as the thermostat sensor at the back of the control panel of the air conditioning could be knocked out of position and requires re-adjustment or even a total replacement. As the digital thermostat is highly sensitive, we recommend leaving this to the specialist.

Failure In Electric Control – Corrosion of terminals and wires as well as worn out compressor and fan controls will occur when the air conditioner is frequently switched on and off. Get your reliable technician to examine and test the electrical circuit parts on a regular basis and replace them if needed.

Refrigerant (or gas) – Insufficient refrigerant is often due to the presence of unsealed leakages in your air conditioning system. This requires a qualified handyman to fix the leak or replace the leaking part, before topping up with the right amount of gas to the appropriate pressure. Refrigerant leakages emit toxic chemicals which harm the environment, so it is advisable to call in the aircon professional.

Ensure Adequate Maintenance – If your aircon shuts down and turns on repetitively by itself, it could be due to its condenser being clogged by dirt, dust and grime buildup. Book your aircon contractor to do a thorough cleaning soon, before this turns into a bigger problem.

HandymanXpert – Your Aircon Superhero

It is only right to trace and try to rectify any issue with your air conditioner. However most aircon failures do require the professional expertise of an aircon specialist who is experienced and fully equipped with the appropriate tools for the job.

HandymanXpert has a team of aircon experts whom you can rely on to diagnose your aircon problems and recommend reasonably priced workable solutions to you. Besides not having sufficient knowledge to competently assess the situation, it is highly dangerous to attempt to DIY without taking the proper safety measures or using the appropriate equipment.

Nonetheless, rest assured that by leaving your aircon in the good hands of our experienced and reliable aircon specialists, like many of our satisfied customers, you would be given the best quality service at highly affordable prices.

Whether it is a one-time chemical overhaul, regular contract servicing or ad hoc repair work – our services are available for both residential and commercial premises. So feel free to contact us right away!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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