Carpentry Services

Need to customise your tv console, feature wall, kitchen cabinets or wardrobe? Chat with us now.



Carpentry Services

Need to customise your tv console, feature wall, kitchen cabinets or wardrobe? Chat with us now.


Life in Singapore can be really hectic ─ it could be due to heavy traffic, infernal weather or it might just be a bad day at work for some of us. But as always, going back to a comfortable home can instantly melt your stress away!

There are many ways to refurbish your home but rather than flipping through the yellow pages for a reliable commercial contractor, we promise to give your faulty cabinet door or that creaking wooden chair a complete makeover. Besides offering a list of other services like home cleaning, aircon servicing, plumbing, electrical wiring and many other services that improve domestic living, HandymanXpert is also your one-stop solution to trusted and skilful carpentry services.

Maintaining Woodwork

Processed wood or timber can be used in various ways. It was once the preferred material for many early designs done by professional craftsmen.

There are numerous ways to maintain woodwork. By using a variety of solutions which include lacquer, resin, an array of metal and non-metal paints, or oils that also function as passive deterrents to termites, mold and structural problems caused by bio-degradation can be prevented. Other benefits include making wood furniture easier to clean and to increase their life-span.

Re-Painting Vs Brand New

Instead of just opting to refit your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or other spaces in the house with brand new furniture, HandymanXpert encourages clients to transform their existing items simply by re-painting or by simple renovation. Not only is this more cost-effective, clients would also be surprised at just how a simple paint job on that old worn out cabinet or wardrobe could make it look so much better.

Repairing your old furniture and restoring it to its former glory is akin to breathing new life into a sad forgotten item. By giving it a face-lift, you are making it usable again. Furthermore, you are adding value to this earth by saving some trees and reducing your carbon footprint.

Customisation Of Cabinets, TV Consoles, Feature Walls

Ever wondered why you cannot seem to find the perfect tv console of the correct dimensions to fit your tiny living room? Or do you wish to utilise that odd corner in your bedroom? Want to bring the texture and feel of the great outdoors into your home by way of wood paneling?

Fear not. Our specialists are experienced in wall cabinet, wardrobe, tv consoles and feature walls customisation. Need more storage space for your Bose sound system and Apple TV, just inform us and we’ll customise your TV console with the appropriate shelvings so that every thing looks neat and tidy.

Want to incorporate your wall-mounted tv and shelves into your decor by using seamless storage compartments? Or do you prefer clean lines for your feature wall and television console? Or would you like to create a unified visual centerpiece for your contemporary living room by merging your tv console with the feature wall?

Whatever you need, just tell our specialists and they will advise you accordingly.

Why Choose HandymanXpert?

HandymanXpert aims to offer quality restoration to home furnishings like window frames, walls, doors, floors and more, at a reasonable price, as we understand that these items are often victims of weather effects, corrosion, prolonged usage, etc.

In addition, our qualified carpenters are also able to help you replace your damaged household infrastructures such as broken window stills, frames, stairs and doors. If any furniture needs fixing, our skilful furniture repair team provides furniture repair services.

Last but not least, our customisation services are also highly sought after by clients for our great workmanship at highly affordable prices.

So contact us now for further information and get your home improvement projects done by the best carpenters in town!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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