Electrician Services

Seeking professional help with your faulty lights and frequent power trips? Chat with us now.

Electrician Services

Seeking professional help with your faulty lights and frequent power trips? Chat with us now.

When you consider that proper electrical wiring has a lot to do with the safety of your home, you will turn professional and rigorous when screening an electrical contractor to hire for the job.

Poor Electrical Wiring May Cause Fire Accidents

According to the National Fire Protection Association, poor electrical wiring has been consistently reported to be among the top causes of fire accidents in homes and establishments, which explains why it is important to be diligent when hiring an electrical contractor.
So, how can you be sure that you are enlisting the services of a trustworthy contractor? How do you avoid rogue, non-registered electricians showing up at your door?

Hiring A Certified Electrician

Enlisting the services of an electrician who is registered with Singapore’s Energy Market Authority (EMA) and carries a license to practice is the only way to ensure that utmost safety measures are carried out and that the work is done properly. There could be serious implications for hiring non-registered contractors, including fire accidents, costly repairs on substandard and dangerous work, and skyrocketing energy bills.
A registered electrician will ensure that the right safety measures are taken to complete the work. Many people hire non-registered electrical contractors because they don’t have the patience to check their credentials. It is common practice to get recommendations from friends and neighbors, but it is the homeowner’s duty to ensure that the person they hire for such a delicate task is checked out and proven to have the necessary skills for the job.

The Importance Of Electricity

In this modern age, practically every thing in the house needs electricity to power them. Electrical appliances like your air conditioners, ceiling lighting, light bulbs, electric fans, television, hair dryer, oven, refridgerator, desktop computer….
If there is a power trip or short circuit, our washing machine cannot work, our dirty laundry will pile up, causing us much inconvenience and misery. Or if you were in the middle of a TV show and the main circuit breaker tripped, causing a blackout – wouldn’t you get very frustrated?

Services Provided By Professional Electricians

Whether it is an LED lighting project, a recessed lighting, or any major electrical project, you want an experienced and competent electrician to provide you with cost-effective solutions.
Here at HandymanXpert, our electrical technicians are all licensed, reliable and efficient handymen whom you can trust with all your electrical needs. From running of new cables and installing power points, to maintenance work such as rewiring old cables; from installing a new lighting fixture, to repairing your old DB box. Our expertise extends to troubleshooting services to help you fix your frequent power trips, faulty switches or household appliances.
We serve both residential and commercial customers islandwide. With our specialized knowledge and equipped with the right tools, we are confident all our clients will be satisfied with our high quality service and safety standard.
We make sure that all the works carried out will be fully completed to your satisfaction. So why not check us out? Contact us for a no-obligation quote today!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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