Furniture Repair

Don’t want to throw away your furniture, but prefer to fix it? Chat with us now.


Furniture Repair

Don’t want to throw away your furniture, but prefer to fix it? Chat with us now.


Everyone agrees that the home is a shelter, but after all, furniture is what turns an empty house into a liveable space with various functions. Moreover, the furniture or any upholstery you choose more or less represents your living standard and taste.

We believe every piece of furniture in your house is precious to you – be it a TV console or even your favourite rocking chair. But over time, prolonged usage may wear down the furniture in your home causing structural instability. Not to mention appearance degradation such as scratches, nicks, dents, chips, water marks and stains on your lovely coffee table or your bedroom wardrobe. Especially if they are made from wood. And, your pet dog or cat may have also contributed to the scratches on the legs of your chair!

Repair Vs Replace

If your TV console is damaged, what would you do? “Hmm.., should I throw it away and replace it with a new one?” No, hang on, don’t you think throwing your TV console away is a little wasteful and not eco-friendly?

In view of the huge amount of waste generated every day on this earth, and in a bid to engage in more environmentally friendly activities, HandymanXpert urges you to repair any damaged indoor or outdoor furniture instead of replacing it with a new one.

Reasons To Repair Your Furniture

First, it is absolutely cost-saving, considering how expensive good quality furniture can be nowadays in Singapore.

Second, if you decide to dispose of it, you may find it difficult to find a new one that you like as well, and befitting your room like the old one did.

Third, sentimental value. For example, you may have grown attached to the rocking chair which has been passed on to you from your grandparents.

Finally, with the latest trend of going retro, many people are having fun restoring their old furniture – re-upholstering them, and creating that vintage look in their homes, cafes or restaurants.

Restoring Its Previous Charm

One of the virtues of the elder generation is that they seldom throw away broken items, choosing to fix them instead. So at times, repairing your old furniture may be a wiser decision than purchasing brand new furniture. After restoring your furniture or re-upholstering them, plus just a little bit of touch up like re-painting or waxing, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new charm your face-lifted furniture exudes!

However, repairing can be quite troublesome for some of you, be it due to the shortage of time or lack of expertise. You are most likely unwilling to spend your weekends figuring out how to fix up your furniture when you could be enjoying quality time with your family and friends. Plus, there is really nothing much you can do if you don’t have the correct tools.

Hence it is best to leave the restoration works to a professional restorer.

Approach HandymanXpert Today

We understand your struggle is real, but fret not. The craftsmen at HandymanXpert not only provide furniture customization services (helping you create furniture as per your exact dimensions and design for your lovely home), but the professionals also offer repair services for various furniture.

Our furniture repair team can fix the TV console, wardrobe, cabinet, shelves, tables, chairs, sofa, window frame, bed frame or any furniture in your home from the living room to the bathroom, indoor and outdoor. We do not just fix the major damages but we also take care of the minor aesthetics like scratches and dents. HandymanXpert always strives to restore your furniture to its original state.

Feel free to consult our friendly staff with all your furniture needs. With our experienced and skilful handymen, you can be sure of receiving top quality workmanship at wallet-friendly prices. So call us today for further details!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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