Affordable Handyman Services

Want high quality work done at affordable rates? Chat with our staff now.

Affordable Handyman Services

Want high quality work done at affordable rates? Chat with our staff now.

Everyone loves a good buy. Everybody loves discounted services. Everybody wants cheap prices. Who wants to pay more when they can pay less? It is not a question of affordability, but rather, the kick we experience once we know we have snagged a great bargain.

Price vs Value

But seriously, an expensive price tag does not mean that the item or the service is good, and worth the money we have paid for it.

As Warren Buffet famously said: Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

At the end of the day, what matters is the value we attribute to the item or service we have received.

Cheap does not necessarily mean bad. Of course, there are many low quality handymen in the market who charge cut-throat rates in order to attract more customers. However their performance is subpar, delivering slip shod work to angry customers. This creates a misconception that “a cheap handyman” means “lousy work done”.

However there are also many reliable and experienced handymen charging affordable rates for their services. This is what we call “value for money”.

The main key here lies in the value created by their service rendered to us – of which helps to solve our problem(s) or overcome our inconvenience(s), thereby improving our lives.

The Quality Of The Service Rendered & The Result Delivered

What is considered cheap and what is deemed expensive?

Just by comparing the fixed rates on the price list, it is difficult for us to determine if the painting service from Handyman A is cheaper or more expensive than that from Handyman B.

Why? Simply because we do not know (yet) how will the paint job turn out. Will my wall be missing paint at some spots? Are his edging lines straight? Did he hurry through his paint job? Or did he take time to patiently and meticulously cover every corner?

It actually makes more sense when we view it from the quality of the job delivered, instead of using the service rate as a comparison. A reasonable price or even a slightly higher rate may be justifiable if he does an outstanding job.

Choosing The Best Cost-Efficient Solution

More often than not, when we hire a handyman for our painting, plumbing or carpentry jobs, we already have in mind a certain method or material to be used.

We may want top quality bathroom fixtures, or we may prefer weather proof paint to be used. But some times, there is no need to use top-notch paint for, say, the storeroom. Neither is there any need to install an expensive tap in your backyard.

A good handyman should be able to advise us accordingly and offer alternative solutions that are cost-efficient, yet effective.

Affordably Priced Handymen

Our company specializes in providing handyman services to both residences and offices. Our well-trained specialists are able to deliver top-notch services at affordable prices. We are sure you will be happy with our high quality work and find us “value for money”!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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