Good Handyman

Wondering where to find an experienced and reliable handyman? Chat with us now.

Good Handyman

Wondering where to find an experienced and reliable handyman? Chat with us now.

Are you contemplating to get some minor repairs and other handyman work done around your house? If yes, it is time to look for a good and reliable handyman to assist you.

Searching For A Good Handyman

There are many ways for you to find a good handyman.

  • Visit your local home-fix shop and to try to get the friendly uncle to recommend to you.
  • Seek out handyman referrals from your friends or relatives who have just had handyman work done in their homes.
  • Search online (Google) and read customer reviews in forums or community message boards.

In fact, Singapore is teeming with handymen, builders, carpenters, contractors, electricians and plumbers. However not every single one is experienced, reliable and can do a good job for us. Many a times, we engage an amateur who does a half-baked job, leaving us feeling disappointed and exasperated.

Qualities Of A Good Handyman

Most handymen have the relevant knowledge and are able to do their job right. But for a good handyman, besides having the right skillset, he also possesses the right mindset. He is humble, maintains a positive attitude at work and is able to communicate effectively with the customer.

Some attributes of good handyman that you should look out for are:

  • Honest & Approachable

Definitely, a pleasant looking guy with a smile on his face does not guarantee his honesty. But a good and professional handyman must also know the importance of having good social skills. He is genial, personable and approachable, which naturally makes his customers more at ease with him.

  • Best Solution Relevancy

As the saying goes “All roads to lead Rome” – there is usually more than one solution for your problem. A good handyman is able to provide several alternative solutions to you, and then with your best interest in mind, recommend the solution that is most relevant to your need(s).

Anyone can complete a repair job or a paint job. But how many handymen can honestly assess the job critically, and make valuable suggestions to the customer, before they start the job proper? Apparently not many handymen in the market are willing to provide such value-added service to their customers.

  • Knowledgeable & Experienced

Despite stressing on the importance of the handyman’s personality, we do not belittle the significance of possessing the relevant knowledge and being experienced for the job he will be handling. Check with the handyman if he has done that particular job before. It is always better to hire an experienced handyman, who is confident of doing a great job for his customers.

  • Good Customer Service & Responsible

A good handyman always puts his customer’s interest first. After finishing a job, he would invite you to inspect his handiwork, and try his best to meet, and even exceed your expectations. He takes pride in his work and treats it as his responsibility to satisfy his customers’ needs.

Providing Reliable Handyman Services

In our company, our team of handymen takes pride in their work, and constantly seeks to fulfill all of our customers’ needs. Look no further. Call us now and one of our trusted handymen will be able to assist you with all your handyman jobs.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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