Home Improvement

Need help to assemble your IKEA bookshelf or want a custom-made cabinet? Chat with us now.

Home Improvement

Need help to assemble your IKEA bookshelf or want a custom-made cabinet? Chat with us now.

Why Do You Need Home Improvement?

Home is a place where we recharge ourselves and calm our souls after a long day at work. It is also a place where we spend the most time with our loved ones. We believe your love for your home will last forever, but unfortunately, many other things at home will break down or get worn down due to wear and tear.

The longer you’ve stayed in your house, the more fixing you would need to do for it. For example peeling wall paint, an aircon that is not functioning when you are desperate for some cool air on a hot day, windows which cannot be closed completely, creaky doors, clogged sink or toilet, faulty toilet flush, leaky taps, fused light bulbs , flickering lights, and the list goes on. Not only the inside of your house needs fixing, outdoor structures like lawns, garden, backyard, patio, garage, awning, decking, fencing also need constant care and maintenance, due to prolonged exposure to the weather elements.

How Should You Improve Your Home?

As a homeowner, you would have experienced one or more of such household issues. Such home repairs and home improvements could seem overwhelming, especially when family and work commitments come into play. With limited leisure time, you just hate to invest your precious weekend time trying to figure out how to assemble that IKEA cabinet you’ve just bought.

Even you have the extra time to conduct the repairs yourself, it does not mean you can fix them well, as not everyone can be a good handyman. Or you might simply lack the proper equipment, tools and skillset to change that faulty light switch or repair your bathroom water heater. Plus, the situation may get worse if the repairs or installations are not done properly.

Hence it is highly recommended to call in the professionals who have the appropriate tools and years of experience to help you deal with those repairs and home improvements, thus freeing up your time for more important and fulfilling things in life.

Why Should You Engage Us?

HandymanXpert’s home improvement team is made up of various specialists who possess the relevant knowledge and skill set to handle all sorts of common household needs like repairs, installations and troubleshooting. You no longer need to waste your time and energy poring over instruction manuals or watching YouTube videos on how to fix this or how to install that. Just leave the work to our professional electricians, plumbers, painters and carpenters and they will help you settle all your household problems.

Other than repairs and new installations, our handyman service extends to aiding our clients assemble ready made shelves or cabinets from DIY furniture stores (like IKEA), which can be pretty challenging and very time-consuming for most people.

Not happy with mass produced furniture? Feel free to engage our carpentry services which provide customers the flexibility of choosing their desired styles, colours and dimensions for their very own customised storage spaces. Be it TV consoles, feature walls or kitchen cabinets, our skilled craftsmen will be able to satisfy all your home improvement needs.

We strive to repair anything that needs to be fixed in your home, from the living room to the bathroom, and assist you in improving the quality of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying your free time with your family and friends by leaving all those troublesome chores to our home improvement team today! Contact us now for more details by emailing or calling our friendly staff.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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