House Painting

Seeking professional painting services for your HDB, Condo or Landed Property? Chat with us now.

House Painting

Seeking professional painting services for your HDB, Condo or Landed Property? Chat with us now.

House painting is the simplest and most inexpensive, yet most impactful way of giving your home a new look, whether it is interior or exterior. Painting your walls a new color not only gives your house an over-the-top makeover, it can also really change the ambience of the environment.

Other than for aesthetic purposes, the right products coupled with proper painting work gives protection to your house against weather threats such as water, wind and haze that may cause you to find your walls eroding.

The Hassle Of House Painting

The process of house painting can be time-consuming. It involves multiple stages stretched over a few days: from planning, selecting colors, choosing the finish, preparation of the painting materials, to the painting work proper. Perhaps that’s the reason why people rarely take the effort to maintain the paint work on their walls by re-painting them regularly.

There are several signs that indicate that your paint is deteriorating. These signs are an eyesore to your house.


For the exterior walls, which are constantly exposed to ultra-violent lights, this could result to chalking. Chalking is the powdery coating on the surface of the wall. It is more prone to older and low quality paints that contain excessive colour pigment. Another cause of chalking could be spreading the paint too thinly, or diluting the paint too much.


The sight of paint cracking is described as interconnected, uneven pattern of cracks appearing on the painted surface. Applying too many layers of paint, or applying one layer that is too thick during the painting process is the cause of cracking. Thick paint is unable to expand, will contract due to the temperature change, hence resulting in breaks at the outer layer. If this problem is not solved at once, moisture could enter the paint layers, causing damage to your walls.

Importance Of Regular Re-Painting

Other than improving the appearance of your property, regular repainting provides protection against UV light, moisture and mould infection. Anti-mould paint prevents the growth of mould – which is a particularly common problem in Singapore’s humid weather.

Furthermore, choosing the appropriate colour(s) and design for your room can greatly enhance its appeal.
For example, blue is a suitable colour for the boys and pink is commonly associated with the girls’ bedrooms. For study rooms, bright colours are preferred to keep the brain energised. White walls, in general, are able to reflect heat better, thus cooling down your home. Lighter hues create the illusion of a bigger space. Dark walls are currently on trend because they give the rooms a contemporary look.

Why Choose HandymanXpert

At HandymanXpert, we provide professionally trained painters to take up the tedious task of house painting. Apart from offering skilled painters with the right tools to undertake all your painting projects, our team has the expertise to advise on new ideas as well as the suitable type of paint(s) and colour(s) to match your styling requirements, giving your house a brand-new look.

Be it rejuvenating your living room to suit your current decor, painting your kitchen ceiling and walls after degreasing, repainting your bathroom after mould removal, brightening your bedroom to make it look more spacious – share with us your inspirations and we are dedicated to offering you a whole range of good value services at highly affordable prices.

Do not hesitate to contact our company to book a high quality, cost-effective painting service to keep your house looking great at all times!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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