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We provide both commercial and residential handyman services in Singapore

HandymanXpert is a premier handyman services provider for

both residential and commercial premises in Singapore

We offer customers a wide range of quality handyman services at affordable prices

House Painting

Just bought a resale flat and thinking of giving it a new coat of paint? Or simply want to rejuvenate your bedroom with some fresh colours?  Get the best home painting services from our experienced handymen. Besides providing professional wall painting services for HDB, condos and landed properties, we also help businesses improve their office aesthetic with our commercial painting services. A presentable office leaves a positive impression on your customers and business partners who visit your premises. Rely on us to take care of both your building interior and exterior painting. Engaging a professional painter takes the stress out of painting your house, so sit back, relax, and leave the messy job to us.

House Painting

Aircon Servicing

Instead of using water and detergent to clean your aircon units, why not consider engaging a professional aircon contractor who uses special chemicals to clean up your aircon units? This will enhance the lifespan of your air-conditioners and prevent mould or bacteria from flourishing. Regular servicing ensures a safe, healthy and cool environment for your family and employees to live and work in. Our team of experienced technicians are able to provide you with quality and effective aircon services at affordable prices.  Our services include: normal servicing, chemical wash, chemical overhaul, gas topping and troubleshooting of any aircon brand.

Electrician Services

Do you feel frustrated when the lights in your house keeps tripping? Experiencing a blackout and do not know who to turn to? Fret not. Our reliable technicians are all skilled and well trained to handle any electrical problem.  Even if you do not know which electrical appliance or which power point is causing the power trip, our electrician will help you troubleshoot and advise you accordingly. Our charges are fair and reasonable, and we provide efficient service.  Besides detecting power trip and power failure issues, we also provide a variety of electrical services such as re-wiring and power extension solutions.

Electrician Services
Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Ever bought a new IKEA cabinet, lugged it home and found that to your dismay, you are unable to assemble it (even after spending the whole Saturday poring over the instruction manual)? Or are you planning to renovate your bedroom and wish to include a custom-made full height wardrobe to maximise your storage space? Whether you need help with assembling your store-bought shelving units, or require custom made cabinets with uncommon dimensions and designs, our home improvement team is here for you. From custom built bookshelves to kitchen cabinets, we strive to help you make full use of every inch of your real estate to create functional and attractive storage areas.

Engage Us

Time is a precious and limited resource. Most people wish that they can spend more time with their family and friends; some complain that they do not have enough time and energy to enjoy life, to travel or to even to exercise!  So why not entrust your handyman chores to us? You do not need to worry about cleaning up after you have finished painting your living room. You do not have to sleep in that hot humid room when your aircon goes on strike. You do not have to worry about getting electrocuted when staring at multiple coloured wires in your power switch.

No. All you have to do is to contact us and leave everything to our skilled handymen.  No hassle. No fuss.

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